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The Bombay Fountain Pen
About Industry
Foundation for the growth of the pen industry was laid by pioneers like 1.Mhatre Pen & Plastic Industries, 2.Gujarat Industry, 3.Zebra Instruments (India), 4.Dhiraj Pen & Plastics and 5.Bal Krishna Pen P. ltd. The first four companies after showing spectacular achievements were wound up for some reason or other in 80s. The last one survives on its sheer force of enterprise, perseverance and Good will till 90s.
In early days of 60s due to ban on imports of pens, growth in literate population and advancement of qualitative and innovative products accelerated the demand for Indian made pens. Consequently, numerous pen factories came into existence taking up the challenge to satisfy the growing demand for quality pens. Notable among this Mercury pens, Plato pens, Doric pens, Rite sharp pens, Airmail pens, Matharu pens, Wimco pens, Ambitious pens, Luxor pens, Camlin Pens, Chandra Pens & Sulekha pens. These are the few names among the other exhaustive & impressive list of manufacturers.
The increase in the number of manufacturing units resulted in salutary development of ancillary industries like injection machine fabrication, mould making, molding powder crushing and mixing, plating, manufacturing of clips, rings, nibs, ball pen refills, feeders, metal draws of pipes for metal refills and such other components of pens & ball pens.
Then came Reynolds, Flair, Montex, Pik, Cello, Lexi, Linc. They entered the market with latest technology & aggressive marketing. Due to this dominance of unorganized sector comes to an end in Indian market. Luxor brought international brand Parker, Waterman, Pilot & Paper mate in Indian market. Same way flair brought Senator, Pierre Cardin, Pentel in Indian market. Linc brought uniball, Lamy, Bensia. Apart from this there are other brands also doing very well in Indian market.

Shri D.K.Jain, chairman of Luxor group of companies, Shri Khubilal Rathod, chairman of Flair group of companies, and Shri Ramanlal Jain, chairman of Montex group of companies are few notable among the visionary of Indian writing industries.

We are exporting Ball pen, Gel pen, Fountain pen, Marker, Sketch pen, components and ink all over the world. Our products are preferred choice in the highly competitive & quality conscious market of USA, Japan, and Europe & Australia. We are exporting our product in more than 100 countries of the world. Our export for the year 2010-11 is above Rs. 1100 crore.
About Association

This association is largest & oldest apex body of entire writing instruments industries. Shri S.G. Agaskar and Shri Kantilal R. Ghelani have decided to form this association in the February 1968. This decision was taken because government of Maharashtra has raise sales tax on pens from 6% to 8% by misinterpreting the entry in the sales tax schedule.


To fight out this injustice, these two gentlemen call a meeting of few prominent persons on 25th March 1968. Total 17 persons were present. They have decided to launch an association name “The Bombay Fountain Pen Manufacturers & Traders Association” An adhoc was appointed to draft Memorandum & Article of association. The committee prepares this draft in record time.


Thus on 22nd June 1968 “The Bombay Fountain Pen Manufacturers & Traders Association” was officially founded in the presence of 47 members.

This association has always been very active and vigilant in solving the problems of the trade and industries. As such it has become all India body. The association is organizing seminars, get together and award function for members regularly. It has strong administration. Over the years association has successfully solve the problems related imports of raw material, central excise, octroi duty, Minimum wages, Sales tax, Package & commodity act. Association started in 1968 with just 50 ordinary members has today 604 life members. This rapid growth itself suggests the successful activity of association.


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