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India’s largest & oldest apex body representing entire writing instruments industry.

About Us

This association was established on 22nd June 1968 at Mumbai with just 47 members, today its strength is more than 700 plus members across the country. Late Shri S. G. Agaskar and Late Shri Kantilal R. Ghelani are the founder members of the association.

From the very beginning the association was very active and vigilant. Association is organizing seminars, exhibitions, get-together, Award Functions for the members regularly. Association was always in the forefront to resolve the issues related to trade and industry.

Decanalisation of C.A.B

In the early days, during 1970s, CAB Moulding powder was being canalised for imports through STC of India. This caused delay in imports, delivery and high cost. A delegation of association was sent to Delhi to meet the Chief Controller of Import and Export and Director of STC of India. After prolonged discussion with these ooficials, we were able to get the decanalisation of imports and subsequently open general license for CAB Moulding powder were issued.

Central Excise

In 1975, Item No. 68 was added to Central Excise schedule requiring factories employees more than 49 workers to pay Central Excise. In the year 1977 Central Excise was levied on factories having turnover of above Rs.30 lakhs. Due to continuous efforts of association in 1980 Fountain Pen and Ball pens were completely exempted from Central Excise. However, under the new fiscal policy of C.E. in 1985 the Central Government decided to levy 12% excise duty on pen industry. Nevertheless, with extensive and convincing correspondence with Finance Minister, we have been very fortunate in receiving total exemption from Central Excise duty.

Package Commodity Act

Packaging Commodity Act was brought in force in 1975, association with appropriate approach were able to get exemption from this Act.

Minimum Wages

In the Minimum wages Act for workers, the Pen industry was originally grouped with plastic industry. This was unfair to the industry. We requested the Government of Maharashtra to grant a separate Minimum Wages Act to the industry and we succeeded in getting one. This has reduced the min. wages and allowances to the pen industry, compared to the plastic industry.

Sales Tax

Since June 1976, we were requesting the Government to abolish the tax for Fountain pens and Ball Pens. Nevertheless in 1985, we prevailed on the Govt. of Maharashtra to reduce Sales Tax to 4% from 8%.

Office Premises

In the year 1978, Association secured its own premises to house its office.


There was no Octroi on pens, ball pens in Greater Bombay. In addition we secured specific exemption for ball pen refills and complete exemption on writing inks.


Association is regularly participating in various exhibitions connected to our industry both local and international.

Our strength

At present we have more than 700 members across the country.